To make first steps to move your self from stagnating point, you should realy find focus on something that inspires you. Anything active is good to begin with…physical activity, sports, music, creativity, writing, spending quality time, partying etc.

Creativity is most strongest tool that moves the world. Any type of creative work gives you big benefits and development for your dreams and goals. Creativity make changes on all levels of existence. No matter if you are talented or not you can at least try something creative and see the result. Be confident and just start without pressing or expectations, something will definitely come out of it. You can allso try that in groups with many people. Your perception can guide you in any way.

And if you have fears from starting I have a great method to help you with that.

Intuitive drawing is the great and easy way for anyone to open to creativity. It can help you free your mind from fears and give you focus and open mindset . It give you possibility to make mistakes and still move on with work. This can be your own art-terapy if you feel like finding your answer’s through art and creativity.

Just start sketching randomly some lines and continue, in time it will start showing some results…

Be relaxed and you will see that you are getting more and more control and selfconfidenc as the process goes on.

You can have random ideas in start as guide, but let your self go beyond those ideas, don’t make any pressure on your self just relax and enjoy in your drawing. Let your intuition guide you and give you suggestions. Feel  free to make mistakes and move on.

So as the sketching develops you will start noticing many random shapes and associations that appear in your perception.

If you are able to catch those associations you can “maybe” start going that way and finish your work from that association…

Drawing without expectations leads you to the point where you can let your self to make mistakes and continue with all that in creation process.

Intuition can guide you to many random or subconscious images that could appear in any moment with any line you make.

Step by step with each move your image will grow in time. Take as much time as you feel, there is no rules.

Don’t judge yourself to much for what is outcome… just go with the flow and sometimes you could be suprised by results. Your ideas could be shaped and captured better then you think.

When you starting to be satisfied with your work development it will give you more self-confidence and courage to move on… and soon you will become better and better.

Allow your self to tryout new creative tool such as digital editing software’s and enjoy your journey even more.