The Way of True Self is my original system.

Combination of fitness, martial arts, dance, meditation and freestyle movement through principles of art.

It is a living system that is constantly evolving through life principles and our personal development. It is based on awakening of physical, mental and spiritual potentials that allow us to become the best version of ourselves.

Balancing body, mind and spirit by getting to know ourselves and our capabilities gives us the ability to apply knowledge and wisdom in life and practice.

Constant development of the system through the contribution of each individual and community is a fundamental principle of development.

Great emphasis is placed on freedom, which is the main principle of system development and the source of action. Freedom enables each individual to contribute to the living development of personal and collective potential and knowledge that become part of the system.

The system has no strict rules and forms it is constantly evolving and is born in the moment, but it also teaches us the already established values ​​of working on ourselves.

From the first training, everyone contributes to the development of the system and through maximum respect for everyone’s individuality, the training is adapted to everyone in a lively way, and so in balance and togetherness we all learn from each other.

True respect is not based on any previous experiences and formalities but in the joint establishment of these relationships.

There are no belts, uniforms or authorities that assign positions and titles, we all work on ourselves and become masters of life. We come to mastery through the freedom of our movements and actions through individual development without ego and certain techniques, so progress is a personal individual experience through which everyone develops himself.

Signs of mastery are manifested in balance with oneself and are clearly recognizable without any interactions. Being a master of life means consciously and naturally acting in all situations and getting the best out of life.

Through working on ourselves we develop all aspects of our life from independent to social through body, mind and spirit which are the main factors of manifestation of our being. The personal aspect of developing the balance of our entire being leads us to the best version of ourselves and unlocks new potentials and opportunities for us through life. The social aspect of developing the social self-confidence, physical and mental, that we need to realize all our desires and needs in the outside world and the society we live in… Through learning life principles and applying knowledge and wisdom in life and to training, we become aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and so we come to accept ourselves when we encounter them.

In the system we become masters of life by getting to know ourselves and our environment. Through interaction with others we develop ourselves and find answers about ourselves. It always keeps us aware and appropriate to the spirit of the time and place we are in … And in this way, The Way of True Self becomes a place where all generations of all ages can learn and develop themselves in community and balance.