What freedom means to you… What will make you free…(do you know) Would you like to act without responsibility and consequence… Would that make you happy… Even if you would have such freedom you can’t do anything unless you know your true desires… Money will give you freedom without doubt…but if you don’t know what …

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Did you ever  wonder are you truly free… Are you truly  happy with your life and world around you… What is you purpose in life… Have you reached your true self…Who you are and are you being what you are… Can you live your dreams… Is it possible to live your dreams…And what can you …


Basic Start principles

In Awakening Guides I will share whit you some of my experiences collected through wery intensive periods and states of mind through out my life. In this short collection of my practical notes you could find set’s of skills that could be helpful for you in many random or specific situations. Anyone can find some …

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Here on my site I will share some of my basic principles and secrets of life with you, but for much more check out my other products and get best out of your life. So to make first steps on this journy we have to ask ours self what is our greatest goal and what …

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Hello world!

I opened this page to share my life experiences with you and to help people make a step in to a grate journey where we can all change the world around us.